10 dumbest criminals in social networks

We show you a dozen of these “geniuses” so that you have a good time of humor thanks to these idiots who fell in love.

1. John Mogan and Ashley Duboe

John Mogan, 28, was on probation after spending three years in the shade. And nothing better happened to him than stealing a bank with his girlfriend, Ashley Duboe. To pass piola, the live thief put on a hood and covered all his tattoos. The assault was a success, but the same day he uploaded photos to Facebook in which they appeared with the money. Short story, they caught them very fast.

2. Dominyk Antonio Alfonseca

This alive of 23 years was to politely assault a bank, because he delivered a note to the cashier asking him “please” will give him 150,000 dollars, about one hundred million pesos. He also requested a bag of money that did not explode with paint and that triggered the alarm a minute after his escape. All ina well but he was arrested because he uploaded the note to Instagram.

3. Hannah Sabata

Known as the “Thief YouTuber”, Hannah Sabata stole an uto to go to the bank she assaulted, and then used the money to buy marijuana. At home, later, a video entitled “Girl thief of banks” was uploaded to the web. And on top of that he added the following: “I just stole a car and I’ve robbed a bank. Now I am rich. I can pay my college loan and I’m going to spend everything on shoping. Bite me. I love GREENDAY. ” He gave it to the police on a platter.

4. Rodney Knight Junior

This pillín entered to rob the house of a journalist of the Washington Post called Marc Fisher. He took a new jacket with some money in cash and a laptop. But the gil occupied the computer immediately to take a selfie and upload it to the Facebook account of the victim’s son.

5. Russell Sipe

This bandit posed as a gym worker to sneak into the place. He walked quietly around the premises, phoned and even used a computer meant for customers to get into his Facebook. He stole just ten dollars (almost seven lucas), a credit card and a set of keys. When he left, he did not close the Facebook session and left the chat open, in which he asked some friends if they wanted him to steal something to give them to them.

6. Nicholas Wig

This thief got into robbing a house and took the opportunity to spend time on Facebook using a home computer. But he left the session open and also forgot some of his clothes. And on top of that, he had the nerve to call back to get the piles back. James Wood, the owner of the house, persuaded him to return to get his clothes, but the police also expected him.

7. The Brooklyn Bower Boys

A band from New York called themselves the Brooklyn Bower Boys. Its members were caught because one of the crooks befriended a policeman on Facebook and told him what they were going to do, giving him up to the day and the place.

8. Jesse Hipolite

This genius announced on Facebook a theft before doing so. He was going to raid a bank in Broklyn and wrote this: “I want to promote a robbery, who’s got it?” Then he added: “I have to get that $$$$$$, man.” To the days it updated his state thus: “The crime pays my invoices!”. And to top it off, he uploaded a c##ple of photos in which he appeared with the stolen money.

9. Michael Baker

This villain wanted to annoy the Kentucky police, but he made two mistakes. First, he stole gasoline from a patrol car. And then he took a picture in the middle of the crime and uploaded it to his Facebook. They caught him easily.


10. James Tindell

This guy was chatro of being on probation and having to go to the Oregon court once a month. He decided to escape and wrote to the judge via Facebook: “I’m going to another state. Catch Me If You Can”. And they caught him, because he was delivering information on his profile: “I’m in Alabama.” To top it off, his girlfriend published an ultrasound of her son that included the name of the hospital and the county where they did it.