14 reasons why an old soul suffers to find a partner

To know if you are an old soul, there are different characteristics, for example: know how to adapt to life, have a more global vision of the problems, suffer too much, they are very wise people but they can be a bit dark sometimes. They know that life is very short and they tend to observe everything that surrounds them, they are not materialistic, they are very spiritual, they like knowledge, they feel like maladjusted children and, obviously, they feel old. If you think you fit into this profile, you probably have noticed the difficulties of finding a partner and these are the reasons.

1. They know perfectly who they are

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Therefore, they know exactly what they are looking for in a partner, what can work and what can not. This may sound wonderful, because it seems that they will choose wisely; however, this decreases the c##ple’s prospects significantly.

2. Feel fear as strong as love

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The degree to which they love something is directly proportional to their fear of losing it or not being “good enough” for the object of their love. The old souls love so intensely that they feel everything intense too and, sometimes, that is what drives the good things away from their lives.

3. His way of being ruins the possibilities

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They are so intuitive people that this can destroy their relationships; They think a lot about the situation because they are too sensitive, they worry about everything and they make assumptions that can break a perfect relationship and with solid foundations.

4. They load many things

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People who are very introverted have become like this for a reason: they have fought against the odds, they have had to grow up or have had to learn from the challenges that life has imposed on them. While they think it is a very good thing, some unresolved experiences can manifest themselves in the closest relationships and can drive them away.

5. They have a greater purpose than love

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To which they have to attend before a person, they have too many commitments that must be resolved before finding a partner. This is because the old souls love deeply and completely. However, they can not give their love so quickly, they have to fix their problems first.

6. Their standards are very high

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Old souls expect too much from themselves, just as they do with their partners. This is actually very good and should be taken into account: it is very important to appreciate their qualities more than their weaknesses, instead of saying that they are rare or imperfect.

7. They will not stay with anyone if they are not their soul mate

a c##ple on a very bad date

They need much more than an average relationship. They simply will not stay next to anyone if they are not what they are looking for, and this means many times that they can spend a lot of time alone, until they find what they are looking for.

8. They are natural healers

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That’s why they attract people who need help and not love. And that attraction is reciprocal. There is nothing better for an old soul than to be able to help someone who really needs it. Either way, at some point it is crucial for them to find a partner, not waste time doing charities.

9. They do not like games

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Spending their time from appointment to date displeases them enough and they get tired fast. Feigning interest in being great or seeing who will be the first to send a message is not part of their nature, and it can stress them much more than people imagine or what others think is fun.

10. They are compatible with few people

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Old souls know that they need someone who understands them and that they are equal to them, and they know how fascinating other people are. For that reason, they can often fall in love, but they look for someone who can be their best friend, their maximum confidant and who challenges them in love.

11. Their time alone is important to them

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Old souls prefer solitude. This does not mean that they do not like to be with other people, but they need their time to reflect on life, take energy and this can tire their family or friends. They need at their side someone who feels the same as them and who understands their taste for isolation.

12. They are very romantic

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They have a different way of seeing the world, if someone does not meet their expectations they have a very strong emotional impact. They are idealistic, but they soon learn to see the realistic side of life.

13. They do not like to meet people with modern methods

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Even when they do not mind meeting people through social networks they are uncomfortable with that form of contact with others; It is better to meet someone in a bar or to have a blind date arranged.

14. They should look for their soul mate

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Many times they find themselves in relationships that they know are not forever, instead of looking for that intense connection they need to learn and grow.