Aston Martin Vantage: shaken and roared

To be honest, I seriously underestimated the Aston Martin Vantage. Somehow he looks harmless; say, like a big brother of the Mazda MX-5 with the tail light graphics of the Renault Mégane. But then I stand in front of him, the driver’s door swings up slightly and I slip into the driver’s seat. Already it is clear: The Briton is evil, very angry!

The seating position is much lower than expected, the dashboard is almost in front of me. Not intimidating, but as I arrive here emotionally, I start to take the Vantage seriously.

I start the car, the AMG-derived four-liter twin-turbo V8 bellows me from four tailpipes irritated. Can I have a drink, please? Shaken, not scalded, because I will not need a coffee in the near future. Especially not in the car, I do not want to risk spilling something on the fine Alcantara. And James Bond usually has some martinis in mind when he’s behind the wheel on behalf of Her Majesty.

Aston martin

What does that have to do with the Vantage? Quite simply, it is something like the production version of the Aston Martin DB10, of which only ten have been built (or for the PR) just for use and scrapping in Specter, the 24th James Bond fairy tale. Seven pieces should not have survived the shooting. Oh James, that you can never hear on Q!

Aston martin

The gear I put as in the Mercedes-AMG GT by pressing a button. Although the V8 is 0.4 liters smaller than in the DB10, but with 510 hp almost a quarter stronger. Accordingly, it presses me into the bucket seat, as my foot enters the gas pedal in the carpet. 685 Nm, multiplied by the gear ratio, make their way over the rear wheels, a delicate, white cloud of smoke remains in the air, where just a neon yellow sports car in a parking lot of the Angeles Crest Highway above Los Angeles, the muscles tense.

Aston martin

British restraint? Floor in the A …? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! We hunt down, as if Ernst Blofeld , Raoul Silva and Co were after us. Yes, I’m talking about “we”, the Vantage and I are quickly merging into one. Fortunately, neither bond villains nor sheriffs follow me, the area here is clean and fun. Curves become carving templates, the asphalt repeatedly raised to canvas, driving to the art form. Supported by the first electronic differential Aston Martin has ever installed.

The ZF eight-speed automatic pops the gears purely by itself or by stimulation with the huge Schaltpaddles. With the steering it is easy to correct at any time, if necessary, but mostly keeps the steering angle and I just pull through. There is feeling in it. At 13.1: 1 she is translated directly, but not nervous.

Aston martin

The datasheet says the Aston weighs over 1.6 tonnes and is even heavier than the AMG GT S, but it does not stand out. In 3.6 seconds, the car reaches 100 km / h. Also says the data sheet, with readjustments, I do not stop me. For what too. And the 314 km / h top speed I have to believe anyway.

Aston martin

Not only the entertainment under the hood, also the digital comes from the Daimler, in the form of the Comand system. What has now been retired at Mercedes, is probably the most modern, what Aston Martin ever had.

Nothing has to do with the AMG, the look of the British, completely different design, completely different proportions. With 4.47 meters, he is one centimeter longer than the new Mazda3, the AMG needs eight inches more space in the garage. Nevertheless, the Aston with 2.70 meters has a seven centimeters longer wheelbase.

The Aston Martin costs 195,000 euros in Austria, the starting price of the Mercedes-AMG GT S – meanwhile strengthened to 522 hp – is around 20,000 euros below. The character of the two is very different. Desirable are both of you. And evil.