Barbara Schöneberger “Slightly shorter, dear Barbara”: This photo gives cause for concern

Barbara Schöneberger "Slightly shorter, dear Barbara": This photo gives cause for concern

Actually, all-rounder, Barbara Schöneberger is a power woman and usually a sunny happy nature. However, a recent picture on Instagram now gives cause for concern.

Her pictures and videos on the social network channels are famous and notorious: Barbara Schöneberger (45) likes to be seen behind the scenes, posting funny selfies with TV colleagues and regularly presenting her most varied looks. But on a just-released snapshot, the miracle-worm of the German media landscape does not look happy. Which image of Barbara Schöneberger her followers so worried, you see in the video above.

Anything but boring

At the same time, we are used to quite different things: sometimes crazy, sometimes without make-up and sometimes a little revealing – usually the blonde shows herself crazy and in a good mood and reaps much credit for her postings.

Switch back a gear?

But maybe the businesswoman and mother of two should just take a bit shorter – at least that’s the advice of many fans. After all, she is not only a presenter and actress but also works as a dubbing speaker, publishes her own magazine and was in March with her program “A Woman Gives Information” on tour, in which she talks about topics such as love, sex, and life from the inside,

VIPs at new Schöneberger radio show

And then there’s her new radio show “With the Waffles of a Woman,” in which the 45-year-old welcomes guests like presenter Palina Rojinski (34), actress Alexandra Maria Lara (40) or violinist David Garrett (38). No wonder that the all-rounder with the whole program also has a hangover. But no diligence, no price – not without reason Barbara Schöneberger was voted in a recent survey just the most beautiful talk presenter in Germany.

Whoever succeeds polarizes

On behalf of the “Playboy” launched the polling institute “” the survey, which also revealed that the blonde presenter is not only the most beautiful, but also the most annoying TV talker in this country. But that’s precisely what makes Barbara Schöneberger: she polarises. And with success.