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Individual hair care


In order for the natural cranium or the blond to be able to unfold their full splendor, individually coordinated hair care is the be-all and end-all Shampoo, conditioner, cures – there are so many special products that we are often overwhelmed in front of the shelf. GALA asked Andreas Wild […]

So your hair becomes a winter star

Hair care has to be easy

GALA reveals the best tricks for the right hair care: How to beautify our hair in the cold season with coordinated care, effective styling and professional treatments Sometimes, our manes radiate as much glamor in the winter as an offended liverwurst: After frequent elaborate party styling with straighteners and curling […]

Pimples and Co .: How Our Nutrition Affects Our Skin

Pimples and Co .: How Our Nutrition Affects Our Skin

Skinfood “You are what you eat,” it says so beautifully. And that is also reflected in our skin texture. Anyone who quarrels with blemished skin, wrinkles and redness should reconsider his diet. Not infrequently, these four suspects are the trigger for a bad complexion. Impurities – the milk makes it […]

Which alternatives are there? -Aluminum salts in deodorants are really that dangerous

Aluminum salts in deodorants are really that dangerous

Antiperspirants are said to help prevent perspiration by containing aluminum chloride by sealing the skin’s sweat glands. However, the aluminum salts are controversial: they are suspected, among other things, to increase the risk of breast cancer. Many manufacturers have reacted to the health due to the negative effects of aluminum […]