Did this petrified breed horse belong to a general?

history petrified hotse belongs to a general

The horse was ready saddled to leave the estate. Then in the year 79 AD, the ashes of the volcano Vesuv Pompeii were buried – and with the city the noble race horse. For archaeologists, the remains now found are a sensation.

A the remains of a race horse who rchäologen excavated near the ancient city of Pompeii near Naples. The animal had carried valuable military bridles, said the director of the archaeological site, Massimo Osanna, on Instagram. The horse probably belonged to a high-ranking military officer, perhaps a general who lived in an estate just outside the walls of Pompeii, the news agency Ansa reported.

fossil remains of the horse during the excavations

It was the third horse to be found in the stable of the Villa dei Misteri Estate on the edge of the spilled ancient Roman city, the excavation site explained.

In May, archaeologists there succeeded in using a plastic plaster cast to reproduce the entire body of a horse. For this, the cavity left by the animal in the hardened rock was filled with gypsum.

horse belong to a high rank officer

The now found animal had been saddled ready to leave the estate, as in AD 79, the ashes of Vesuvius Pompeii spilled. Whether the animals suffocated under the ashes or died at the huge heat wave that went down from the volcano, can no longer be determined, archaeologists are quoted.

In recent months, there have been several spectacular finds on the site of the ancient city, which was buried under an ash layer at the eruption of the volcano 79 AD and thus largely conserved. Pompeii attracts millions of tourists year after year.