Finally long eyelashes with eyelash serum?


A perfect look à la Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian and Co. Gala editor Marie and has tested an eyelash serum

Long eyelashes for a stunning look – which woman does not want that? Okay, I do not have to exaggerate, but I actually wish long eyelashes. I’m tired of constantly manipulating my eyes with eyelash tongs and blushing until my eyes burn. But I do not want artificial eyelashes. That’s why I started testing eyelash serum, the “Jeuxloré – Superlative Lash Eyelash Serum”.

How does eyelash serum work?
There are now dozens of serums to extend the eyelashes . The ingredients are said to extend the growth phase of the eyelashes, thus increasing the activity of the hair follicles surrounding the hair root. Honestly, my first thoughts were: And that should work? I have medium-length eyelashes to start the self-test, I would say. But there is more …

Get to know the product
First, I look at the product in more detail: Three milliliters contains the small black bottle. Is that enough? Turning the bottle open, there is a small applicator with a mini-brush. I carefully read the leaflet.

“The eyelash treatment with the effective formula for fantastically beautiful and long eyelashes.”

Well then let’s go. The manufacturer recommends an application time of 6-10 weeks. Once a day, the serum should be used, preferably in the evening – of course, unvarnished.

The self-test
So in the evening I start with the application. I make up as usual and turn on the closure of the eyelash serum. I see in the little brush a sticky liquid, which should extend my eyelashes so. According to the manufacturer I should apply the serum only on the upper eyelash edge. Since it is applied to the upper eyelid when the eyes are closed, the lower eyelashes get a little bit too. It’s cool and sticky – that’s it. I’m going to sleep and I’m kind of excited. Will I finally get super long eyelashes?

The result
6-10 weeks you should use the serum daily, so that a change is seen. I have tested it to this day seven weeks and actually see first successes. Even if my eyelashes have not yet made a trip around the world, I see a difference, especially in the showered state. Uncoated, the difference is not so great, the eyelashes have become “merely” longer, not denser. But “longer” was exactly my goal. Not all eyelashes are the same length, which I like very much. This gives a more natural look and does not look artificial. When I take a shower, I notice the biggest difference, because I do not have to drive so often with the brush through my eyelashes. Two, three times is enough.

The conclusion

To be honest, I was pretty skeptical at first. As if a sticky stuff stimulates the hair growth of my eyelashes … But, it works! Since at the moment I have not quite reached the 10 weeks of the test phase, something else is sure to happen. I would have wished, however, that the difference in the unvarnished state of my eyelashes can be seen more clearly. In addition I have to say that this may also be due to the “stubbornness” of my eyelashes. I will continue to use it and hope that the “wow effect” will be even bigger.