Game Tips: Right in the middle of the Game of Thrones

Game Tips: Right in the middle of the Game of Thrones

The world is back in the Game of Thrones fever these days, eagerly watching the latest episodes of the now eight-season fantasy series. But “Game of Thrones” is by no means just a TV series. There is now also a fund of various computer and video games on the subject. Here are the most important ones.

Granted, right blockbuster “Game of Thrones” as a video game has not yet produced. Although there were some games to series and book template, was celebrated by the critics, however, hardly one of them. For serial fans, this is probably no reason not to at least take a look at this from the game magazine “Gamestar” compiled “Game of Thrones” video games to throw.

“Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series” (Adventure, 2014)

In this episode adventure, you’ll experience the story of the fictional aristocratic Forrester on the sidelines of the storyline of the series, set between the third and fifth season of the series experienced in the Kingdom of Westeros. Well-known characters, of course, have guest appearances – including the authentic voice actor. The Adventure is available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android and iOS.

“Game of Thrones” (RPG, 2012)

Already published seven years ago is the simply “Game of Thrones” baptized RPG from the house Cyanide Studios. It is based on the TV series and offers some original speakers and is currently playing the first season of the series. As a player, you slip into the skin of a red priest and a brother of the night watch here. Playfully flawed, the Game of Thrones fans might be tempted by the story. Available for Windows, PS3 and Xbox 360.

“Reigns: Game of Thrones” (card game, 2018)

Minimalistically staged and playfully focused on tactics, “Reigns: A Game of Thrones” also features a digital “Game of Thrones” card game. In it, the player works by choosing the right card through an adventure in which he must direct the fortunes of his royal house and must satisfy the subjects, church, military and of course the treasurer. Available for: Android, iOS, PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch.

“Game of Thrones Ascent” (Browserspiel, 2013)

A simple browser game in the “Game of Thrones” the universe is the title “Game of Thrones Ascent” for PC, Android, and iOS. As a player, you direct the destinies of one of the great aristocratic houses and make important decisions in the fight for the Iron Throne. Graphically, of course, little is offered, for fans, the browser game but could be interesting.

“Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming” (browser game, 2019)

Another browser game in the “Game of Thrones” the universe is this year’s “Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming”. Playful and – do not be fooled by the pre-rendered trailer – visually limited to the essentials, you found your own noble house, build a castle and battles big battles – including known characters. If you like, you can try it for free.