Here you are heading for spring

Here you are heading for spring

Officially, the spring has already begun, felt he can wait. However, there are places in Europe that are already or soon to be in full bloom. We introduce five of them.

Madeira – flower party in the ocean

Madeira is one of those places in the world that have a first name: Flower Island. The Portuguese island is located in the Atlantic, about 1000 kilometers southwest of the motherland. Thanks to an ingenious system, water is channeled from the precipitation-rich north to the south, where there is a subtropical climate.

These are ideal conditions for brightly colored flowering plants such as strelitzia, hydrangea and lily. Around the second weekend after Easter, this year from 2 May, the Festa da flor , the Flower Festival , is celebrated in Madeira’s capital, Funchal . A celebration of spring when a flower parade of splendidly decorated carriages sweeps through the city, adorned with flower carpets in every nook and cranny.

Guernsey – flower power in the canal

The Channel Island has an almost Mediterranean climate thanks to the Gulf Stream, coupled with lovely Britishness . Since the English preference for horticulture must not be missing. Fuchsias, palms, even banana trees thrive in the hilly landscape. The beach promenades are decorated with hanging baskets, clematis are exported from here to all over the world.

Honesty flower pots are on the roadside , sales stations for cut flowers without sellers, is paid on trust. Once a year the Guernsey Floral Festival takes place, 2019 from June 2nd to 30th. Plant lovers can visit open gardens and deepen their knowledge in workshops and tours of the island.

Mainau – Flower island in Lake Constance

The mild climate of the Bodenseeinsel attracted the Celts who settled there, the Benedictines who built a monastery, and the Swedish count Lennart Bernadotte, who transformed Mainau into a flower island from 1932 onwards. 25 of the 45-acre island are on show.

Here you are heading for spring

Depending on the season, trumpet flowers, agaves, bougainvilleas, camellias, Iceland poppies or forget-me-nots show their colors. In autumn alone, 12,000 dahlias bloom. The island gardeners like to share their plant knowledge across Mainau’s borders: The Green Telephone has offered free flower consultations since 1981.

Sicily – volcanic dust as fertilizer

Goethe called Italy’s largest island the “land in which lemons bloom”. The citrus fruit cultivated there already 1000 years ago the Arabs. Four times a year, it bears fruit, the air is almost constantly filled with the scent of the millions of trees. It goes without saying that the most important export item also influences the cuisine, from lemon risotto to lemon-stewed fish, to granita and limoncello.

Here you are heading for spring

The fact that the lemon and also orange, grapefruit and tangerine trees thrive so well in Sicily has something to do with Etna . The soils are fertile, and the volcanic dust of the eternally smoldering mountain serves as fertilizer.

Holland – The Keukenhof is flourishing

Before the impression arises that only islands have flower seas to offer, quickly a look to Holland . At Blumenpark Keukenhof in Lisse, 40 kilometers southwest of Amsterdam , not only 800 different types of tulips are blooming on 32 hectares, but another seven million bulbous flowers: freesia, daffodils, hyacinths.

Here you are heading for spring

The fact that the park celebrates its 70th birthday in 2019 does not mean, however, that one would have missed the connection to the zeitgeist. The operator advertises on his website , on the Keukenhof everything was “instagram worthy” .