Individual hair care


In order for the natural cranium or the blond to be able to unfold their full splendor, individually coordinated hair care is the be-all and end-all

Individual hair care

Shampoo, conditioner, cures – there are so many special products that we are often overwhelmed in front of the shelf. GALA asked Andreas Wild , hair expert at John Frieda, for a guide to the hair care jungle.

Fine & Platt: Plump up

Although it looks different – women with fine hair have no less, but simply thinner hair. The crux: Due to its small diameter (0.04 mm to 0.06 mm), it is more susceptible to hair breakage and split ends. And because the individual hair does not bend because of the lack of volume directly at the neck and stick out of the scalp, but stick directly to the forehead, it gets greasy faster. Say, the hair is usually washed more often. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to mild formulations with fortifying ingredients such as proteins. Stay away from rich cream masks and intensive, rinse with silicone, they complain additionally. Good are light moisturizing sprays with keratin and volume boosters that push the neck.

Blonded & straw: protection service

Blondes have more fun? This definitely does not apply to hair care . By regular lightening, the cuticle layer is literally broken up to extract the pigments from the hair. Although this usually leaves a fabulous blond tone, but with every chemical process, the structure is brittle, which is often noticed that the hair can hardly be combed through! Here, an all-round program of repair work and color protection is essential, after all, the new blonde should radiate long and not yellow. Therefore, consistently take shampoos, masks and other care products that are specialists in colored hair. They nourish and strengthen the hair fibers with proteins, bring shine to the hair thanks to nourishing oils and ensure their color intensity with blue or violet pigments.

Kraus & frizzy: That’s how it works

The good news: Women with a curly mane often have volume en masse! However, the curly head is the diva among the hair types – pretty wild (frizz!), With strawy ends and hard to tame. Although frizzy hair does not produce as many natural fats as others, it does not get as far down as the crests and bends, as well as the difficult combing. Here is an exception: the richer the care, the better! Intensive treatments once or twice a week (soothing and smoothing the structure), never give up on conditioners and put hair oils or anti-frizz helper into wet hair! In addition: Blow-dry, rather than let air dry – the puffiness splits only in addition.

Strong & heavy: keep control

Sure, in terms of abundance, women with thick hair have pulled the big ticket. However, for example, a curl styling also depends much faster due to the high weight. In addition, the outer layer of the skin is not smooth, meaning that moisture penetrates the hair shaft faster and rinses off the natural care proteins faster, making hair more stubborn and dull. When taking care to put on moisture boosters such as hyaluronic acid or panthenol, which do not complain additionally. These include light vegetable oils, which coat the hair fibers. And: If you hesitate to leave the laundry for a few days, the hair’s own lipids can