New privacy problem on Facebook

New privacy problem on Facebook

On Facebook, a new data breach was discovered: contact details of more than one million users landed on the net – without the knowledge of their owners.

Facebook has discovered the next privacy breach: The online network uploaded in the past three years without permission, the contact information of up to 1.5 million new users.

The error had been discovered after a change in the registration process in the past month, as Facebook confirmed. The data was not shared with anyone and would be deleted. The bug was fixed and affected users would be informed.

Multiple data glitches in the past
Facebook had made several data breaches in recent years. Among other things, several million users may have unintentionally shared their posts with the world, rather than just friends. About the new error had first reported the US blog “Business Insider”.

In some cases, the contact details were uploaded upon confirmation of a new user’s email address by entering the password. Facebook had the opportunity to confirm in this way the e-mail account, recently abolished by criticism from privacy experts.