New SUV, electric cars and convertibles

New SUV, electric cars and convertibles

The best of today and a lot for tomorrow – sounds like advertising a radio station, but also fits the new Auto Year. In the midst of changing mobility, manufacturers are using new models from the old car world and many premieres for a new era.

The car year 2019 will be a big premiere party. The citycars are doing the least. Much more than a facelift for the Smart and its French cousin Renault Twingo is not expected. Only at the end of the year is then at Hyundai still a new i10 into the house. On the other hand, there is slightly more movement in the small cars, especially in the PSA Group: on a platform, the French bring the new DS3 Crossback, the Peugeot 208 and the Opel Corsa. A non-PSA novelty: the new Renault Clio.

Compact class: New BMW 1 Series, Skoda Scala and Kia Proceed

Much more is going on in the compact class, where there is not only the generational change in the VW Golf. But from the same kit, the successor of the Audi A3 is born. Also at the start: the next Seat Leon. Before the Skoda scala, who inherits the Rapid. BMW brings a new 1 and 2 and Mercedes first the A-Class sedan, the B-Class and a new CLA. Toyota hires the Auris and celebrates a comeback of the Corolla as a five-door and station wagon. Mazda is the fourth generation of the threesome at the start. Kia wants to prove with the Proceed that the CLA Shooting Brake is not the only lifestyle station wagon in this league.

In the middle class starts in the spring of the new BMW 3 Series as a sedan, comes later again as a touring and forms the basis for the 4 Series, which still 2018 starts. At Toyota there is the comeback of the Camry, at Volvo the new edition of the S60, BMW refreshes the BMW 7 Series and also Audi A4, A5 and the VW Passat be revised.

Many new things in the SUV

Most of the SUV is going on – in all classes: For the small give the new editions of Mazda CX-3 and Mercedes GLA set the tone, which put the Swabians also a GLB aside. In addition, VW begins with the delivery of the Polo T-Cross . In the class above come from Land Rover the new Range Rover Evoque , Lexus as a new entry-level model of the UX and bourgeois garb with the same technology of the Toyota RAV4.

Cadillac ventures for the first time in the compact class with the XT4 and Citroën crowns its model range with the C5 Aircross. If you like something bigger and have to look at the money, get the Tarraco, the first seat SUV with seven seats. If you can draw on the full, BMW and Mercedes with X7 and GLS two prospective seven-seater in prospect.

For this, there is the DBX for the first time an SUV from Aston Martin, VW is trying with the T-Roc convertible on a SUV for the sunshine, and who the whole new-fangled SUV are too soft, which is Mitsubishi with the new L200 a pick up for the rough.

VW, Opel and Audi bring new electric cars to the market

Electric cars are also starting to move. That is why not only the long-presented cars like the Audi E-Tron, the Mercedes EQ C or the Tesla Model 3 are actually coming to the dealers, but the showcase at the charging station continues in all classes.

VW promises golf as a new era at the end of the year the ID Neo, which has to be measured in the compact class with an electric mini and the electric innovations E-Soul and E-Niro of Kia. Opel brings the new Corsa with the same battery, Porsche is in the luxury class finally the Taycan off the leash, Audi provides the E-Tron a Sportback aside, Mazda presents its very first electric car, and the electric Volvo offshoot Polestar brings his first model on the street.

In 2019, new sports cars and convertibles will also be available

And where it does not go to the pure battery drive, at least the plug-in models are pushed: BMW 3 Series, Citroën C5 Aircross, Opel Grandland X, DS7 Crossback, Peugeot 5008, Mercedes GLE, Jeep Renegade – all of them are in the new Year to part-time electricity.

But there is also something new for sports car and convertible fans: especially the Porsche 911. From Toyota and BMW come on the same platform the new Supra and the next Z4. In addition, BMW 8 Series and Bentley Continental also start as a convertible in the summer of 2019.