Pulling the hit star and his girlfriend in “The summer house of the stars”?

Pulling the hit star and his girlfriend in The summer house of the stars

Michael Wendler and Laura Müller love each other and they love to show that in front of TV cameras. In the summer, the unequaled lovebirds could finally get another chance, because they should participate in the RTL format “The Summer House of the Stars”

Michael Wendler and Laura sign summer house contract

As it says in the article the “Bild”, the hit star and his very young girlfriend had contractually agreed to participate in the new season of the format. So far nothing is known about the shooting start, last year it started at the beginning of July. How convenient that Laura has just dropped out of school. The ” summer house of the stars ” should be more exciting for the 18-year-old than the school. And she also meets the demands of her friend to earn her own money .

Does the young luck manage the “summer house” stress test?

Last year, several relationships broke after filming “The Summer House of Stars”. Micaela Schäfer and Felix Steiner parted shortly after shooting, Patricia Blanco and Nico Gollnick are no longer a couple and Bert Wollersheim also found another partner after the “summer house” participation. Has the love of Michael Wendler and Laura Mueller a chance to defy the burdens?

The fact is, the stress level is consciously kept high in the “summer house” with various tasks and games to bring the couples to their stress limits. And in such a situation Wendler and Laura were certainly not yet …