She is the face of the Venus erotic fair – with She is the face of the Venus erotic fair – with Michaela Schäfer

She is the face of the Venus erotic fair - with Michaela Schäfer

After a failed beauty operation last year, Patricia Blanco still worried about her breasts. Now she has with friend and nude model Micaela Schäfer pulled a joint representation job at the erotic fair Venus ashore

These were bad months that Patricia Blanco , 47, went through last year after a failed beauty operation. She had a lot of pain and her nipples were dead . “The worst thing that can happen to a woman,” she told the Bild newspaper. Meanwhile, the daughter of pop star Roberto Blanco , 81, is back on top. And now even landed a job as a representative at the erotic fair Venus, which takes place in October in Berlin.

Patricia Blanco as the face of “Venus”

Together with her friend Micaela Schäfer , 35, Patricia Blanco will represent the Erotic Fair. “I’m very happy to be the face of Venus this year and to work with Micaela,” wrote Blanco on Instagram. “Me too,” commented Schäfer the intimate photo of the two friends. “When the offer came to represent the Venus, I felt totally honored and at the same time electrified.If somebody told me with my 116 kilos that I would become a testimonial for Venus at the age of 47, I would have declared him completely crazy “Blanco opposite picture.

New career prospects?

For Blanco, the job at Venus is a premiere, while Micaela Schäfer will represent the Venus Fair for the eighth time. Blanco hopes that besides having fun at work, friend Micaela will be able to give her a little help with the new task. And it is not averse if this kind of representation also creates new career prospects in the future. Sources used: Picture, Instagram