So your hair becomes a winter star

Hair care has to be easy

GALA reveals the best tricks for the right hair care: How to beautify our hair in the cold season with coordinated care, effective styling and professional treatments

Sometimes, our manes radiate as much glamor in the winter as an offended liverwurst: After frequent elaborate party styling with straighteners and curling irons , they also add heating air and bonnet alarms.

Hair care has to be easy

That’s why we’re paying more attention to hair now – and Bad Hair Days will have no chance in the future. Care must be easy, that’s the motto of Wendy Iles . The star stylist of Heidi Klum , 45, Rita Ora , 28, and Keira Kneightley, 33, provides a healthy hair structure with only three products: shampoo, conditioner and finishing serum. That’s it! For blow-drying, she uses a large round brush to achieve sheen, volume and more movement.

when washing: It is not only for relaxation, but is important to properly dissolve skin fat. Due to the increased blood flow, the hair is also better anchored, which stimulates healthy offspring.