Where the best night trains for tourists drive

Where the best night trains for tourists drive

In Germany, but also in Italy, Spain or Russia are various sleeping cars on the way, with which you travel much more relaxed than by plane. An overview of the offer of night trains.

The city trip to Zurich, the journey to the resort town on the Mediterranean: It may not always be the plane, there are more comfortable and more environmentally friendly alternatives – the night train. Gently rocking wagons, freshly made beds in the sleeping car, dinner in the dining car, landscape cinema at sunrise, all this has not only a charm for romantics, but also for travelers who arrive relaxed at the destination and the stress of a flight with annoying controls and tight rows of seats want to save.

The bad news for German travelers: The Deutsche Bahn has completely abandoned the tradition and set their night trains with the timetable change 2016/2017.

The good news for German travelers: The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) took over at the same time a part of the DB night distances and the vehicle fleet, so that one can continue on important routes within Germany and from Germany at night by train on the way . In addition to the Austrians there are still some other providers of touristically interesting connections in Europe.

For tourists interesting routes with the Nightjet

Under the name Nightjet ( nightjet.com ), ÖBB successfully operates a growing network with routes in Austria , Germany, Italy , Switzerland , Poland , the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia. For German tourists are interesting, for example, the connections Hamburg- Zurich, Dusseldorf- Vienna and Munich-Rome.

Last night, the night train service between Berlin and Vienna was resumed in December 2018, with a stop in Wroclaw. The Nightjet network is set to continue to grow, which is why ÖBB ordered new sleeping and couchette vehicles in 2018.

From Germany there are other interesting night trains, for example Berlin-Bratislava-Budapest (operated by the Hungarian MAV as a Nightjet partner), Berlin- Krakow-Przemysl in eastern Poland (operated by the Polish PKP) or sleeping cars from Munich to Zagreb and Rijeka (operated by the Croatian Railways as a Nightjet partner).

Train travel in European holiday countries

The Russian State Railways operates the Moscow-Paris connection via Berlin. With this train you can easily and without changing the sleeping car from the German capital to Minsk and Moscow, but also to Strasbourg and Paris.

You do not have to fly to Sweden: in summer and on certain dates in the spring, the Swedish railway company Snälltåget offers lorry trains from Berlin to Malmö, with the night train taking a ferry across the Baltic between Sassnitz and Trelleborg; in Malmö there are direct connections to Stockholm

In important European holiday countries there are also tourist interesting overnight train connections. The Spanish Railways Renfe sends its Trenhotel trains to the track on various routes, both on domestic routes (such as Barcelona-Granada) and on international routes (such as San Sebastian-Lisbon or Madrid-Lisbon.)

In Sweden, the state railway SJ night trains connect major cities such as Östersund, Luleå, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. There are also connections to Kiruna and Narvik in Norway ( sj.se/en/home.html#/ ).

The United Kingdom also offers night trains: The Caledonian Sleeper operates between London and various Scottish cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness.

The Italian Trenitalia in turn operates several domestic night lines called Intercity Notte, including connections from Milan to Lecce in Puglia, from Trieste to Rome or from Milan to Palermo including crossing on the railway ferry to Sicily (bookable via trainline.de ).

For example, anyone wishing to travel through Eastern Europe on a night train can travel from Polish Wrocław (Wroclaw) to Lviv (Lviv) to Kiev in the Ukraine; the route Vienna-Lvov-Kiev can also be booked .

On the train thousands of miles on the way

The longest overnight train line linking East and West Europe is provided by the Russian State Railways, which run from Moscow via Minsk, Warsaw, Vienna, Verona and Monte Carlo to Nice on the Côte d’Azur. However, this train, which travels around eight thousand countries without any changes, is actually a day and night train, as it is on the road for a full 49 hours and 18 minutes .

Even longer are trips on the Trans-Siberian Railway: From Moscow to Vladivostok (6415 kilometers) you drive, depending on the connection, six to seven days, if you do not get off.

More comfortable than scheduled trains are the Transsib trips of the organizer Lernidee Erlebnisreisen, which offers 14-day individual tours in regular trains (with stops), but also trips aboard the Zarengold special train from Moscow to Beijing or Mongolia .

They are reminiscent of the legendary Orient-Express, which first set sail from Paris, Vienna, Budapest and Constantinople in 1883 with classy sleeping and dining cars. Thanks to Agatha Christie he entered the world literature: her “Murder on the Orient Express” is an exciting treat for anyone who does not just want to sleep in a sleeping car. Where pleasure is reading, not murder.